Dm17 fullshot

Q3DM17 'The Longest Yard'

Test bigbox

The quintessential box map that shipped with the game, 'test_boxbox'

Maps (also known as levels or arenas) are the 3D spaces in which Q3 matches take place. Maps are a combination of brushes, textures, models, entities and a lightmap that are combined to present a playable space for the competitors.

When Quake 3 was released, id software also released the map editing tool, Radiant. This allowed hobbyists to develop their own custom 3D arenas, and publish them on the Internet for others to download and play, both in singleplayer and together on multiplayer servers. A community of 'mappers' sprung up around this, and mapping continues to flourish even after a decade.

To date, thousands of custom maps have been released, with quality varying from very basic 'box' levels, to levels of an even higher standard than those released by id Software.

Some levels have gone on to gain such popularity that they've become staples in online multiplayer matches. Significant examples are Blood Run (ZTN3TOURNEY1), Wicked (CPM1A) and Aerowalk.

Stock Maps Edit

These are the maps that shipped with the original PC version of Quake 3:

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