Quake 3 Arena is filled with cheats that contribute and modify your experience of gameplay. Here are a few (and more later on) cheats that the game is supplied with.

How To CheatEdit

Normally, the game doesn't allow cheats, on single player, or multiplayer. The way to allow cheats is very simple, if you want. Open the console (using ~ [near 1]) and type /spdevmap (and the map you want, eg: q3dm17) (single player cheats) or /devmap (multi player cheats) (stands for Developer Map, meaning your IP adress is allowed to modify the server).

Cheats (Basic List)Edit

Represented: [Cheat] ~ [Effect]

/god ~ Permanent Invincibility.

/noclip ~ Fly, No wall clipping.

/give [item]  ~ Gives you a certain item/ammo e.g. [shotgun]

/give all ~ Gives you all items, plus all stats. no powerups though.

/fly ~ A simpler flying  mode, you do clip walls/ceilings.

/kill ~ Commit suicide, usually can be done without /devmap.

/cg_thirdperson 1 ~ the camera shows a third person angle of you, crosshair is not present. requires cheating mode on.

Hope you enjoy the game with cheats!